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I welcome you to my school news headlines, in today’s edition, I will be notifying the general students of Abia State University Students WhatsApp Group have already being created for all the students, the school management make us to understand how most students find it difficult to access information which is not good at all, this now make us to create another alternative for all the students to access easily and quickly by creating Abia State University Students WhatsApp Group for those that are still searching web for the school WhatsApp Group, don’t panic below I will drop the WhatsApp Group Link for you to join and be updated.

State University Students WhatsApp Group

The group is now active for all the students to get access to new updates, this will help some of the students who dose not like In visiting the school portal, Abia State University Students WhatsApp Group reduce the stress of going to the school portal for updates, all the news headlines will be dropping in the group every daily  bases for all the students.


for those that are yet to join, below I will drop the group link for you to join but note before you will join make sure you go through the rules and regulations guiding the group.


This a general group for all students either the aspirants or the existing students and some of the Lecturer.

Group Rules And Regulations

Abia state university Students WhatsApp Group have their own group rules and regulations make sure you abide by the rules because any one found violating the rules will be removed without any notification so kindly read it Below :

  • Do not asked anyone for Money
  • Chat fighting is not allowed take note because if found guilty you will be removed.
  • Posting of irrelevant link to the group is also prohibited.

Now that you have seen the rules and regulations if you have agreed to abide with it kindly click the link below to join  Abia State university Students WhatsApp Group.

CLICK HERE: State University Students WhatsApp Group link 


The group is being band by rules and regulations, avoid violation of those rules, for more Inquiring or comments, you can drop your complain in the comments box.

share with your fellow so that there will be part too.

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