P-Square: Nigerians React To Lola Omotayo’s Birthday Message To Her Husband And His Twin, Psquare

Many Nigerians on social media have reacted to Lola Omotayo’s birthday to her husband and his twin brother, Peter and Paul Okoye popularly known as Psquare.

Recall that the twin brothers fell out since 2016 and since then, they have not been on good terms.

According to Lola, whether the Peter and Paul likes it or not, they are still brothers and nothing can change that. She indirectly advised that both of them should look for a way to settle whatever dispute between them.

Sharing a photo of the sensational singers, the mother of 2 wrote;


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See some comments his message generated on Instagram;

@bubble_hairs wrote “But how do people keep malice with their siblings I think it’s spiritual o ”

@tife_beautyplace wrote “So they still haven’t reconciled… wow God pls take control”

@emporiumvaritiesstore wrote “True.. and people are saying she is the reason why they got separated..Mr Jude, imagine those twins are your son(cos you are like their father now).. You go Dey happy?This their separation isn’t normal again oo, imagine two people that slept in their mother’s womb together, came out same day and are keeping malice for years now.. in Yoruba land , o wrong oo, something must have being done about it cos we cherish and idolize twins here, so this is strange to me .. happy birthday psauare”

”This Life Is Too Short” Peter’s Wife Begs Them To Reconcile As They Celebrate 39th Birthday Today

@oluwatoyin_v wrote “Peter and Paul don’t have problem Jude is their problem he has turned himself to self acclaimed twin brother to Paul always calling Peter names like prodigal son ,etc .if you come under my comment to say nonsense Holy Ghost fire will burn you into ashes in Jesus Name Amen ”

@shapesby_kuch wrote “I pray they both find peace. The fact remains, they cannot change who they are, twins.”

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