”This Life Is Too Short” Peter’s Wife Begs Them To Reconcile As They Celebrate 39th Birthday Today

Today, Lola Omotayo, the wife of Peter Okoye, has taken to social media to celebrate her husband and his twin brother, Paul, on their birthday and also reminded them of what binds them together, regardless of their misunderstanding.

Sharing photos of Peter and Paul, Lola wrote:

“Hmmm….to the twins @peterpsquare @iamkingrudy whether you like it or not, you are brothers; you are not only brothers, you are TWINS! I wish you both a very happy birthday! Life is short, make the best of it! Respect and Love should be sacrosanct! As we get older we should realize that life is precious and time waits for no one. My 2 cents!

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“More blessings upon both your lives in Jesus Name. #ejima #ibeji #peterpaul #psquare#bigokoyetwins #birthdaytwins #blessed.”

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  • P&p twins,Erika please whatever that transpire in between let you guy forgive each other brother me, life is short exactly come back build yourself and home back to normal like before. I look forward to see you improving thanks always

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