Check Out The 12 Richest Young People In Nigeria; Number 7 Is Worth Over $500 Million

Here are some young people in Nigeria that earn even more than adults. Some of them earn their money through their talents while some have wealthy parents. These are the top 12 richest young people in Nigeria.

12. Ify Ufele

Egypt “Ify” Ufele: 10-Year Old Creator of Plus-Sized, Nigerian-Themed  Fashion Line

Can children design your clothes? Can they create outfits for your own kids? The answer is ‘yes’ if they are as talented as Ify Ufele. This little girl has shown her passion and talent for fashion design when she only turned 7 years old. Her interesting works were demonstrated at New York Fashion Week (the girl lives in the United States of America, but she loves being inspired by African culture when she visits Nigeria), and she is believed to earn her own money (enough for her business). Ify often post inspiring messages on her Instagram account…click next below to continue..

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