Little Emmanuella Worked Hard And Built Her Mother A House Without Marrying Her Grandfather – Fans Troll Actress Regina Daniels

Popular Nollywood actress and billionaire wife, Regina Daniels has

been dragged on social media after she sent her congratulatory

message to Emmanuella for building a house for her mother.

Regina Daniels in a statement via facebook page applauded the

10 year old comedienne, Emmanuella for achieving such a wonderful

feat by building a multi million naira house for her mother.

A fan identified as Oga Boss Emmanuel however reacted under the comment section.

Regina Daniels wrote, “Wow. Little girl comedian Emmanuella builds a very big mansion for her mother at this little age. May God bless her in ways she can’t imagine. Check out the photos of the house I am so happy seeing this.”

Oga Boss Emmanuel Wrote,

“Look at your face you are calling her little Emmanuella how old were you when you get married to that your great grandfather,, congratulation to you Emmanuella you did what some people could not do instead of marrying an old man ”

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  • Maybe har destiny is in old mans hand so Emmanuel destiny is in her own hand , at least Regina know that her destiny is in the hands of an old man while Emma at 10 can make her mum happy with out any old boy friend talk more of grandfather as a husband

  • All fingers are not the same,u guys should Regina along and mind your own business, now tell me what are u busy doing when she was getting married ? U where out there dating other people’s husband and boyfriend instead of looking for your own and now u are drinking Panadol for another person headache why can’t you guys just mind your own business let her do her thing the way she want

  • God bless you for your comment.Let those useless guys and ladies drinking paracetamol for someone headache.the lady got married while they are yet to do anything.Bad belle everywhere.
    What is their biz with Regina.oversabi dey make housewife use hypo wash vegetable.

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