“If A Male Bird Has Not Built Its Nest, No Female Bird Will Give It Any Attention. A Bird Shouldn’t Be Wiser Than You! – Reno Omokori Advises Men To Make Money Before Getting Married

Well known Nigerian lawyer, Reno Omokori has advised men to make enough

money before getting married or expanding their families.

According to him, starting a family without making money is like making a pact with poverty. He said even male birds have to create nests before they can attract the opposite sex.

He wrote;

“If a male bird has not built its nest, no female bird will give it any attention. A bird shouldn’t be wiser than you! You have no job or house, yet you want to marry and increase your family size. It is not natural. Adam had a garden before a wife! Nobody plans to be broke, busted and disgusted.

However, when you marry and have kids without a job, or a steady income, you automatically make a pact with poverty to be broke, busted and disgusted. Carry money before you marry your honey”

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