20 Secondary School Students Suspended After Allegedly Being Ca.ught Having Gr0up S3x

Report has it that a certain Loreto High School based in the Silobela area of Zimbabwe has suspended 20 form four pupils for allegedly engaging

in group s** a few months back.

The students were allegedly caught pants down in the girls’ dormitories

of the school while preparing for the June-July exams.

Midlands Provincial Education Director, Mr Jameson Machimbira who made the announcement said;

“Yes, we received information that some pupils both male and female from Loreto High School had been suspended following reports that they were caught engaging in unconfirmed s**ual activities. I received phone calls from some affected parents who wanted the Ministry (Primary and Secondary Education) to intervene citing the timing of the suspensions. So, we sent a team to investigate the matter on Friday and they are still to give me a report. So, I am waiting for the report.”

One of the parents of the suspended students told the state media;

“My son is currently doing Form Four, and is going to write his final examinations in December as advised by the Government. We were notified by the boarding master that they wanted us as parents at the school on October 13. Before I knew it, I was advised to come and collect my child since they had expelled them from school because they were allegedly having s**ual affairs.”

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