From Multi-million Rolls Royce To Casket! See The Strange Image Found In The House Of Late Instagram Big Boy Ginimbi

Life is vanity upon vanity!

It’s no longer news that one of Zimbabweans billionaires

Genuis Ginimbi Kadungure died in a car accident on Sunday

morning while driving with 2 of his friends. The Zimbabwean

socialite and business mogul Genuis Ginimbi died in an accident in Harare.

Ginimbi is a person well known for flaunting his wealth and

acquisitions in several photos and videos and it is not a misnomer

to have tales of his lifestyle get to the public after his demise.

There are several photos of him with his luxurious lifestyle.

He also flaunted his house and its interiors.

In one of the photos flaunted by the late Ginimbi, an image

was spotted on the door which drew the attention of social media users.

An image of the Versace logo was designed on the door of the businessman.

There’s no doubt Ginimbi is a lover of Versace

just like Hushpuppi loved Gucci and Fendi designer wears.

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