We Can’t Guarantee Security During Christmas Period – DPO

Report has it that Divisional Police Officer, DPO,

has told Nigerians to find a way to protect themselves from hoodlums

and thugs this Christmas festive period.

The DPO said this after a joint meeting of the law enforcement officers.

He said that the meeting which was attended by military

men and other security and intelligence agencies deliberated

on the dampened morale of security personnel caused

by the attack suffered as a result of the EmdSARS protests.

“In these ember months, and up to Christmas period

and the New Year, I doubt if any of the security services

can guarantee maximum security as usual. There is no

way we can discharge our statutory responsibilities and

function when we have become soft targets of

miscreants and violent persons,” he said.
The DPO further said he would ensure that his officers are

not deployed to life threatening beats and assignments during the period.

He added:

“Our destroyed facilities are yet to be reconstructed and rehabilitated;

our looted armouries are yet to be restocked and when our men and

women are yet to get over the humiliation of the atrocities committed

on them by the same people we are

charged to protect, how can we return to our duty post?”

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