Young Lady Loses Her Life After Falling Into Elevator Shaft In A Hotel In Asaba; Moment She Fell Caught On CCVT (Watch)

Below is the sad moment a Nigerian lady unfortunately

met her demise after she fell into an elevator

shaft inside a hotel in Asaba, the capital of Delta state.

According to a Facebook user, the lady, identified as

Adaobi Enechukwu, who is a native of Adazi Nnukwu had

travelled down to Asaba for a wedding ceremony at

an hotel and unknown to her, she walked right into

the elevator shaft without waiting for the elevator to come to her floor yet.

The elevator door, which was not supposed to be

opened, was opened and made Adaobi lose her life.

Nnamdi Ezewuzie, who shared the incident on his

Facebook page, blamed the

hotel’s management for lack of proper management.

He wrote,

She traveled to Asaba for a wedding ceremony

on this hotel called Villa Toscana Hotel, along

okpanam road, opposite Nigeria Police Headquarters,

Adaobi Enechukwu annunciator, A native of

Adazi Nnukwu met her death due to the carelessness

of this hotel management that refused to work on

their faulty elevator.. The Elevator door was open

and the poor girl walked into that trap without

knowing that the elevator didn’t come up.

It’s too bad to have such in a hotel and it’s open for biz.

Take a close look at D CCTV footage.

Video below;


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