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Cruise Ship Jobs in Canada – Apply Now


For over 40 years, Canada Cruise ship has strived to provide a comfortable, “Fun” working environment for its employees and has created a number of forward-thinking programs that offer unique opportunities for professional and personal growth. As a result, the company has cultivated a strong sense of loyalty among its employees which has allowed Canada Cruise ship to maintain a sense of continuity and earn its leadership position in the cruise industry.

About Canada Cruise Ship Jobs

Built to operate like floating 5 star hotels, Canada Cruise Ships require, in every Department, thousands of dedicated, hard-working, qualified staff. Canada Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise jobs are always subject to contract, so it is important to consider all the pros and cons before accepting a position on the board. All employees are on shifts, with long hours. It is definitely not a vacation, and workers have no access to the leisure/dining facilities etc which available to the paying passengers. It is hard work on board a cruise ship. The preferred candidates are native English speakers, including those from other nations from  However, there are perks to the job. Of course, you will get to travel the world for free, whilst earning a salary. Free medical care, accommodation, and meals will also be provided for the duration of your contract.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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  1. The fact that the name cruise ship doesn’t signify anything close to fun but real hard work job makes it very funny,though the idea of travelling round the world in a ship all for free makes it a very juicy idea i must say…..

  2. This job creates synergy among the workers because English language is their preferred language for communication, it opens room for striving to learn more from co workers and the benefits to the employees is mouth watering